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Two Diver Stage


The DS-42 Two man Dive Stage combines innovation and safety to go beyond requirements set by both local and international organizations.

The 42″ wide by 48″ long stage can accommodate two divers and their gear. A catch bar built on to the stage permits use with either of the Bay-Tech Industries, Inc launch and recovery systems when cable guides are attached.

The DS-42 is constructed using 1/4″ x 3″ angle and is sheathed in expanded metal grating for protection of occupants. Hand holds and equipment retaining bars are welded into both sides of the stage along with two D-rings in the upper cross member.

It features two on board internationally color coded breathing air cylinders, as show, complete with manifold, pressure gauge, first stage pressure regulator, bailout whip connection and 2nd stage scuba regulator. This gives each occupant two ways to access the on board air. The cylinders are secured using cradles that are bolted into the structure of the stage. Also included is a safety bar with stainless steel latch and foldable distressed diver platform.

Because we know that one solution is not always the right one for every job, the DS-42 is designed to function with or without the cable guides. For this reason we offer a clump weight as an option.


Standard Unit Specifications

  • 1/4″ x 3″ angle construction
  • Wrapped in expanded metal
  • 1950 LBS safe working load
  • Dual emergency air cylinders
  • Dual air manifolds with bailout connection, 1st stage and 2nd stage regulators
  • Distressed diver platform
  • Safety bar with latch
  • Removable cable guides
  • Catch bar for use with BTI LARS
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Load tested

Weight & Dimensions (approx)

  • Weight: 1160 LBS
  • Length: 48″
  • Width: 42″
  • Height: 91″

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