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Supply Lock, Inner Door


Our patent pending stainless steel inner door assembly features an adjustable strap which fits securely on the internal projection of the nozzle of any Bay-Tech Chamber. The assembly is fully adjustable to ensure a complete seal and can be mounted to allow the door to swing from either direction. The spring loaded latch holds the door during transportation and pressurization. Unlike swing bolt inner doors which can hold pressure in the supply lock as a chamber pressure drops, our patented latch automatically vents supply lock pressure as chamber pressure is reduced.

The door is fitted with a secondary equalization valve which, under normal operation, is left closed, but can be used by the diver to equalize the pressure in the supply lock if needed.

To mount the door, the internal projection of the nozzle must have a minimum of 5-3/4” clearance on the sides to accommodate the hinge and spring clasp. It must also be mounted just above horizontal center-line. Installing higher or lower will impair the ability to install the door strap.

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[one-half-first]Supply Lock Diagram[/one-half-first]

Do not attempt to modify your chamber from specifications on this page. Please contact us for more information.

supply lock specs

Nozzle Specifications

  • 12” Nominal pipe size (12-3/4” O.D. x 6- 5/8” length) – (5-3/4” Internal projection)
  • 0.688 wall thickness (door sealing surface: .6275)
  • 11-3/8” I.D. (machined to 11-1/2” I.D. at the sealing surface)

Bay Tech uses a nozzle that is 6-5/8″ long. This size only allows use on a 54″ or 60″ chamber with a .375 wall thickness.