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Submersible Electrical Enclosure

SKU: 12-0034-EE

Most submersible electrical enclosures are large, expensive and are mainly designed for the ROV and AUV market. There are few smaller submersible enclosures that are built to withstand the rigors of saltwater exposure. We took this into consideration and are proud to off there BTI-SEE, the industry’s first wet-bell specific electrical enclosure.

The BTI-SEE is machined from solid a block of aluminum and features an o-ring sealed polycarbonate lens. It is designed to be filled with non-conductive oil in order to resist pressure changes while allowing quick visual inspection of electrical connections.

We have machined eight 1/2” MPT ports in the body which can be plugged if not in use or fitted with bulkhead penetrators* that seal off any through hull wiring**. Four extra ports are used for filling and draining the oil from the housing.

Inside of the body, we’ve mounted a 12 circuit terminal block rated to 20A/300V and is capable of handling a maximum of 12 AWG (22 AWG minimum).

*Plugs, penetrators, and terminal block sold separately.
**Some wire can potentially wick oil out of the enclosure. Seal all wiring at the jacket.

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