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Stanley Infrastructure BR45350 Underwater Hydraulic Breaker

SKU: BR45350

The BR45350 is the smallest breaker in the Stanley Hydraulic Tool lineup of underwater breakers. The BR45 is a rugged, powerful and lightweight breaker in the 40-55 lb class used for light to medium concrete, rock and coral breaking and removal. The feathering on/off valve controls speed and allows easier initial tool placement. Standard 1” hex chuck and latch retainer. Painted hi-visibility yellow.

Stanley BR45350 Spec Sheet



Performance: 1525 BPM @ 8 GPM
Steel Capacity: 1” x 4 1/4” Hex
Handle Type: T-Handle
Circuit Type: Open Center
Flow Range: 7-9 GPM / 26-34 LPM
Optimum Flow: 8 GPM / 30 LPM
Working Pressure: 1500-2000 PSI / 105-140 BAR
Full Relief Setting: 2250 PSI / 155 BAR
Weight: 43 LBS / 19.5 KG
Length: 25” / 63.4 cm
Width (at handles): 14” / 35 cm
Hydraulic Ports: -8 SAE O-Ring
Whips :Yes
Couplers: No


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