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Quincy 5120 Bare Compressor


The proven performance of the Quincy QR-25 Series is best examined through decades of delivering compressed air on-demand. There are over two million Quincy QR-25 compressors currently in use, some originally installed over 40 years ago. Decades of reliable operation ensures complete satisfaction and builds confidence day after day, year after year.

The Quincy QR-25 Series compressors produce more air using less horsepower by running at slower speeds. The efficiency of running slower also has another benefit – lower operating temperature. Lower temperature means cooler air and less stress on the critical compressor components.

In addition, the Quincy QR-25 series utilizes a positive displacement rotary oil pump that lubricates every critical area of the compressor, from the “bottom end” to the wrist pin. This keeps things running smoothly and further reduces the operating temperature as the oil absorbs the heat. To keep the oil clean, a spin-on automotive type oil filter is standard on 2-stage compressors.