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Purafil Chemisorbant

SKU: PURAFIL (50lb Pail)

Purafil Chemisorbant is designed for use in environments where toxic, corrosive and odorous gases are a concern. In use, Purafil absorbs contaminants and odors as air is passed through the media.

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Contaminant Removal Capability

Purafil Chemisorbant shall meet the following removal capabilities:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide – 8% minimum by weight.
  • Sulfur Dioxide – 3.5% minimum by weight.
  • Nitric Dioxide – 2.5% minimum by weight.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide – 1.0% minimum by weight.
  • Formaldehyde – 1.4% minimum by weight.

Note: As an example, 100 LBS of Purafil Chemisorbant will remove eight pounds of hydrogen sulfide.