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Polatrak® ROV II

SKU: Polatrak-ROVII

The Polatrak ROV II is the world’s best-selling, general-purpose, tip-contact cathodic-protection probe. The first CP probe with twin elements, it allows on-line calibration that eliminates time-consuming on-site procedures and greatly reduces user error.

The ROV II probe interfaces easily with the ROV, but can also be held by divers. It serves as either a tip-contact or proximity-style probe. If ROV operators prefer to avoid connection with the umbilical, the ROV II probe can be connected directly to Deepwater’s Deep C Meter readout to make the survey system completely self-contained. The CP potentials are displayed directly on a subsea readout viewable with the ROV’s video camera. Like all Polatrak corrosion probes, the ROV II is fully field-serviceable, with plug-in electrode elements and interchangeable components. No battery is required.

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Standard Unit Specifications

• Twin ag/agci electrodes
• Proximity or contact probe
• Replaceable electrodes
• 10,000 FSW rating
• Diver held or ROV interfaced