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Polatrak® CP Gun

SKU: Polatrak-CPGun

The CP Gun outperforms all other available bathycorrometer type devices in both accuracy and convenience. Longer battery life, interchangeable freshwater / seawater electrodes and ultra-bright LED displays (for limited-visibility conditions) make the CP Gun the most user-friendly diver-held CP probe. The dual-electrode elements and readouts coupled with a self-calibration capability make it the most accurate unit offered.

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Standard Unit Specifications

• Twin ag/agci electrodes
• Replaceable interchangeable electrodes (Ag/AgCl or Cu/CuSO4)
• 150 hours operation on two 9V batteries
• 1000 FSW (300 MSW) rating
• Integral voltage readout
• Diver held
• Neutrally buoyant