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Perma-Cal® Depth Gauge – MSW/FSW

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One of the premiere gauges in the industry known for their durability and quality, Perma-Cal® gauges can be found from offshore platforms to laboratories around the world.

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Direct Drive Bourdon Tube

The advantage of Perma-Cal® direct drive over conventional C- tube gauges is simple, there is only one moving part No gears, linkages, or springs to wear or break. Perma-Cal® gauges have a unique helical-wound elastic element that is attached directly to the pointer shaft. This eliminates the need for any movement-amplifying gears or linkages (the parts of a C-tube that fail most frequently). Perma-Cal® gauges maintain their structural integrity and accurate calibration in the most demanding environments, even during prolonged and rugged use. Perma-Cal® direct drive pressure gauges provide the lowest cost of ownership by giving the best value in durability, reliability, and accuracy.

No Liquid Fill

Perma-Cal® gauges have more durability and longevity than liquid-filled gauges, without the mess or problems of liquid fill. Perma-Cal® gauges do not have any of the problems filling solves. There are no gears or linkages to lubricate, and Perma-Cal® gauges are internally dampened with a small application of heavy (600,000 centistokes) silicone grease that eliminates pointer flutter. Perma-Cal® provides a longer life gauge than liquid filled gauges without the leaking or discoloring problems of liquid fill.

Certified Accuracy

All Perma-Cal® gauges have a high repeatable accuracy, instantaneous action, and are available as Grade 3A (+.25% full scale), Grade 2A (+.5% full scale), or +.5% mid-scale/ + 1% full scale. The full scale accuracy rating is applicable in both ascending and descending modes on all gauges, except for gauges rated 8,000 PSI and above , where the descending accuracy is +1% of full scale. Test gauges (Grade 3A) come with a calibration certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) included in the price. Perma-Cal® provides the best in durability, reliability and accuracy.