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As body temperature rises, work performance, decision making ability and reaction times decrease, while the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke increase. The Oxylance Personal Cooling system allows the core of the body to keep cool, greatly decreasing the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke during the same amount of exposure.

One situation relevant to most companies is the decompression chamber, which is hot and humid. The Oxylance Personal Cooling System has been tested as a means of making the diver more comfortable in the environment.

The Oxylance Personal Cooling system consists of a shirt with of surgical capillary tubing installed, 10’ of supply and return hose, and a cooler with a 24V pump. The cooler is filled with ice and water and then plugged in to a power supply. It then begins circulating the cooled water across the chest and back which assists in bringing the core temperature down.

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