Oxylance Burning Bars

Oxylance manufactures thermic torches in a variety of diameters so the operator can size the torch according to the material to be cut. Thermic torches can be used in steel mills and foundries for cleaning up spills, cutting up slag, removing solidified material from vessels, ladles and molds. They can also be used for removing risers from castings, cutting up skulls, repairing slag pots, and scrap processing.

Thermic torches can be used for heavy equipment repairs such as removing frozen pins from paper mill rolls, hinge pins from draw bridges and tunnel boring machines. Removing frozen pins is a common procedure for burning bars. When the pin is pierced, it is heated from the inside and the resulting hole allows room for the pin to shrink.

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5/8" X 10' 6", 5/8" X 5' 3"