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Ocean Technology Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Manual Rev. 1: Safety & Practical


The purpose of this course is to teach safe Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Techniques. This course will provide industry-accepted best practices for meeting and exceed the requirements of industry associations and standards listed below. Burning is a tool which can be used safely; however, the user must have a clear understanding of the concepts and procedures to be taught in this class. This Training meets or exceeds:
1) IMCA D003 Guidelines for Oxy-Arc Cutting
2) ADCI Rev. 6.2, 5.31 Welding and Burning
3) ANSI/ACDE 01-2009 Standards, 28.0 Introduction To Underwater Burning and Welding
4) Recommended Practices of the following manufacturers: A) Oxylance B) BROCO-Rankin C) ArcAir D)  Fire Wire Marine E). Specialty Weld: Swordfish Arc Cutting Electrode