Nuvair Replacement Sensors For PROCO Carbon Monoxide Analyzers

Replacement sensors for the Nuvair Pro CO Alarm series of carbon monoxide analyzers and multigas analyzers with CO sensors. Please make sure to select the correct sensor for your analyzer. Depending on the year of manufacture, your sensor has a range of 0-50 ppm or 0-300 ppm. Sensors are not interchangeable.

There are two methods to determine which replacement sensor is needed for your analyzer:

1. Remove the four screws on the front face of the analyzer. Identify on the label of the sensor (FSc 220 or FSc 33).
2. Turn the analyzer on and wait for the warm-up cycle to complete. The analyzer will read 000. Hold the Prog button for 2 seconds. Press the On/Off button to scroll through the settings until the display reads Fct. The number shown by the display should match the FSc number labeled on the sensor.

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FSc 220, Fsc 33