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Nuvair PRO CO2 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer (Handheld)


The Nuvair Pro CO2 Alarm Analyzer can be connected inline on your high or low pressure compressor for continuous carbon dioxide monitoring or used periodically on specific gas sources or in contained spaced. The CO2 sensor is auto-calibrating and provides a temperature-compensated, linear CO2 measurement over sensing range.

Audible and visual alarms for low and high carbon dioxide content can be set by the user. If the alarm sounds, the analog output can activate an optional relay that shuts down equipment automatically, sounds a remote alarm, or activates emergency backup systems.



  • On/off switch
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • 50 ppm CO2 resolution on digital display
  • Optional relays for external alarm or compressor control
  • Fast response
  • Specifically designed to test breathing gases
  • Easy to operate, reliable and accurate
  • Modulated infrared light source = No moving parts