Miko Anchor Magnet

Miko Pipeholding-magnet Superior for attaching to pipes of diameters ø8” – 42”. Suitable for both diver and ROV application. The magnet is equipped with safety pin, mooring lug and breaking lever for easy release.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):

• Dimensions: 210 x 188 x 32 mm
• Weight: 3,0 kg
• Holding force: 150-200 kg.
• Quantity in box: 1 pcs

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Underwater Magnets and Magnetic Tools

For use during subsea repair work, as temporary anchor points for divers, to secure Miko Plasters®, to attach oil booms to ship hulls etc Miko supplies a large variety of magnetic tools. We offer permanent magnets including powerful “Rare Earth Magnets”, Magnetic Wheels, or more standard (Ferro-magnetic) magnets. Our stock held magnets have a holding force from 35 kg to more than 1000 kg. All our magnets are Epoxy coated to prevent corrosion and are suitable for use in a marine / ocean environment.