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Matheson 8014BAK Breathing Air Analysis Kit

SKU: 8014-BAK-O2

The Matheson Model 8014BAK is an on-line analysis kit for ensuring the quality of compressed breathing air. It quickly and easily measures the levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil mist, water vapor, and oxygen. Unlike other methods, there is no need to take a grab sample and analyze it off line; the 8014BAK is designed to connect directly to the compressed breathing air source. It is available with a choice of three connections—CGA 346 and 1/4” NPT Female. It is very important that the correct connection type be selected to match the application:

The Model 8014BAK-01 is fitted with a CGA 346 connection, and is rated for inlet pressures of 0-3000 psig. This model should be selected for analyzing compressed air in U.S. D.O.T. approved cylinders with a Stamped Service Pressure in the range of 0-3000.

Uses the Kitagawa test tubes.