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Main Bell Umbilical

SKU: Main Bell Umbilical

HDR0112 3/4” NB Reflow Gas Reclaim Hose
HDF0312 3/4” NB Flexflow Gas Hose
HDF1212 3/4” NB Flexflow Hot Water Hose
HDF0308 1/2” NB Flexflow Gas Hose
5 x HDR0304 1/4” NB Flexflow Pneumo Hoses
Power Cable 34 x 14 awg Cores
Comm/Video Cable 4 x 75 ohms, 3 x 16 awg Screened Twisted
Quads, 7 x 16 awg Cores, and 14 x 16 awg Cores.
Polyethylene Braided Jacket

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