Lexmar Model LME-BELL4.5M-3D is a 4.5 meter three man rated, side and bottom mate SDC and is rated to 300 meters (1000 FSW) and comes complete with a certified flotation system, stability certificate, and a tubular bumper system. The build code is ASME PVHO and is certified by ABS and is in compliance with IMCA standards. The external SDC shell is fully insulated, has fiberglass matting and is covered with a smooth gel-coat finish for additional protection. The internal shell hull is painted with flame retardant paint. Man-Way trunks have an internal diameter of no less than 610mm (24”). The SDC has three separate means of recovery: The main lift wire, the two part clump weight assembly, and the main SDC lifting pad eye delta plate which can be used to attach a crane sling. The negatively buoyant SDC is equipped with a two part drop weight system, thus; only when the drop weights are released does the SDC become positively buoyant.

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Standard Unit Specifications

  • Bottom and side mate capability
  • Built to ASME PVHO standards
  • IMCA compliant
  • 2 Part drop weight system
  • 24” Manways
  • 2 x 50m (165’) excursion umbilicals
  • 1 x 55m (180’) bellman/divers excursion umbilical
  • 1 x Through-water communications system
  • 1 x SDC transponder locating system
  • 1 x Stainless steel electrical change-over box
  • 2 x 24VDC Roof lights
  • 3 x Passive lung powered scrubbers
  • 3 x View ports for observation
  • 1 x CCTV camera
  • 3 x Single hose BIBS units
  • 1 x Sound powered phone and open circuit talk-back speaker communications system
  • 2 x 330m Caisson gauges (external and internal)
  • 1 x Internal PPO2 analyzer
  • 3 x Seats, safety harnesses, and helmets
  • 1 x Diver emergency recovery system
  • 1 x First aid/Medical kit
  • 1 x Emergency battery pod (24hrs operation)
  • Emergency on-board gas supplies (24 Hours / 3 Man)
  • 1 x Xenon flashing strobe light
  • 1 x Through water communications transponder
  • 1 x Lost bell locator transponder and diver held receiver
  • 1 x Delta plate fitted for alternative lifting point with bellow sling
  • 1 x Steel wire mechanical spliced lifting sling

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):

  • Weight: 7.259 M.Tons (16,300 LBS)
  • Width: 2508mm (8.228’)
  • Height: 2815mm (9.232’)