LEZGAZ Diver Gas Recovery Reclaim System

This unit, combined with the “ABYSS II” Helmet, is currently the most cost effective method of reclaiming/recovering gas available. This system is designed to recover the gas exhaled by the diver(s) while in the water and process it back into a breathable mixture and re-delivers this back to the diver.

The LESGAZ system comprises of three main units:

  1. Topside Gas Reprocessing Unit (TRU)
  2. Bell Onboard Unit (BOU)
  3. Reclaim Management Panel (RMP)

The diver exhales through the helmet exhaust/recovery valve then is passed through the Bell Onboard Unit, removing any water in the return hose. This provides another level of safety with the Pilot Operated Safety (POS) valve.

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After passing through the Bell Onboard Unit (BOU), recovered/reclaimed gas is then passed through the umbilical into the Topside Gas Reprocessing Unit (TRU). Oxgen is then injected to meet the desired level of mix for the given depth mixture.

The gas is then compressed using either electrical or air driven pumps, delivered into the medium pressure receivers and then to the bell Reclaim Management Panel (RMP). On arrival at the control panel, it is analyzed again before being sent back to the divers.

Diver Gas Recovery Reclaim System