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LEZGAZ Diver Gas Reclaim Unit – Single Compressor

SKU: Model LME-RC-03-SHY

The Divers Gas Reclaim Unit consists of three basic units designed to recycle the divers exhaled gas.

The 3 units consist of:

  1. Reprocessor
  2. Gas Management
  3. Internal and External Bell Equipment

The return line gas enters the filter system, consisting of a water trap and a series of micro particle and bacteria filters, where the oxygen metabolic make-up takes place. The final filter is the CO2 absorbent.

The scrubbed gas returns to the diver via the volume tank, dive control panel and the bell panel. The diver exhausts directly to the internal bell equipment where the correct negative pressure is maintained by the bell BPR.

The surface processor, booster and electronic control units are mounted on a purpose built skid. The booster is controlled via PLC system complete with incorporated alarms. The PLC is also fitted with an EPROM that will automatically reset the PLC in the event of a power failure.

The booster is capable of supplying 200LPM to the divers at a maximum depth of 300m; however the unit is tested and approved to meet the DNV requirement of 135LPM for two divers at 300m.

The gas management panel located in the dive control station is fitted with one CO2 and one O2 analyzer monitoring the outgoing gas through the processor. The panel also controls the oxygen injection and the initial pressurization of the system.

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Unit Specifications

  • Power: 440 VAC, 60 Hz, 70 Amps
  • Cooling Fluid: fresh water
  • Input Flow: 5 GPM @ 58-130 PSIG
  • Working Gas: He-O2
  • Output Flow: 6.4 cu.ft per minute
  • Outlet Temp: 99oF (maximum)
  • Max Working Depth: 300 MSW
  • Construction: Stainless steel

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):

  • Weight: 5512 LBS
  • Length: 121”
  • Width: 68”
  • Height: 88”