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525-744 The REX® Regulator

SKU: 525-744

The REX® regulator is a balanced all stainless steel regulator, with a durable outer cover made of a special, chemically resistant, rubber compound. It is currently available on the KM-47 and KM-77 helmets.


The REX® has a very large 37mm inside diameter inlet breathing tube designed for maximum breathing performance with minimal supply pressures, allowing users to maximize the use of surface supply low pressure compressors.

The cast stainless regulator body allows for quick and easy maintenance of the balanced inlet valve assembly and features very low inhalation and exhalation effort. The REX® is recommended for all air and mixed gas umbilical diving where maximum breathing performance is required. The REX® meets all requirements of European standard EN15333-1 and is CE approved and CR rated.

Part Number 525-774