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Kirby Morgan M-48 MOD-1


The Kirby Morgan M-48 Mod-1 can be ordered in 3 different ways:

  1. Part #805-175 with part # 200-130 is the M-48 Mod-1 frame, along with the scuba pod assembly and balanced scuba regulator.
  2. Part #805-175 with part #805-015 is the M-48 Mod-1 frame, along with the scuba pod assembly. (This allows you to put another 2nd stage scuba regulator. See video below.)
  3. Part #805-175 is just the M-48 Mod-1 frame. (This does not come with a scuba pod or the balanced regulator)

If you are just looking for the balanced scuba regulator and scuba pod assembly, please order part #200-130.

Did you know Kirby Morgan offers a hood assembly for the M-48 MOD-1?

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2.81 Pounds

Mask Frame:
High Performance/Impact Engineering Thermoplastic

Tempered Glass


The MOD-1 purchased with a balanced SCUBA 2nd stage demand regulator. If your mask was not supplied with a KMDSI regulator installed by the factory, you will need to have an acceptable regulator installed in the pod.

CR Standards:
These masks meet or exceeds all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.

CE Approved:
The Mod-1 is CE Approved.

Operational Specifications & Limitations:
The full face mask has been tested and conforms to the performance requirements as set forth in Annex II of Directive 89/686/EEC and, as far as applicable, the EN250. It is fully CE marked with either the Kirby Morgan SuperFlow® Plastic Adjustable 2nd Stage Regulator Ref. 805-120 or Balanced SCUBA regulator ref. 200-120.

Surface-Supplied Open Circuit:
The mask should only be used for surface-supplied diving by divers trained and qualified in surface-supplied techniques and procedures. A fully functional emergency gas supply system and body harness must always be used when diving the Mod-1 or any of the KMDSI full-face masks models in the surface-supplied mode. When using this mask in countries that conform to CE standards the mask must only be used with components that have been CE certified. The maximum recommended recreational diving depth for the Mod-1 with open circuit scuba is 130 FSW (39 msw).

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Part # 805-175 with 200-130 M-48 MOD-1 with Balanced Scuba Regulator, Part # 805-175 with 805-015 M-48 MOD-1 with SCUBA Pod Assembly, Part # 805-175 M-48 MOD-1 Mask, No POD, Part # 200-130 SCUBA Pod Assy, w/ Balanced Scuba Regulator