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Kirby Morgan KMACS 5 With Communications

SKU: 400-046

The Kirby Morgan® Air Control System 5 (KMACS 5) is a lightweight, portable control box for use in surface supplied air diving operations.

The KMACS 5 controls the diver’s air supply, communications and monitors the diver’s depth. It allows two divers clear push-to-talk (two wire) or round robin (four wire) communications. The KMACS 5 is also available without communications.

The air supply can be from either a low pressure compressor or high-pressure cylinders. The KMACS 5’s adjustable first stage regulator reduces the high-pressure air and supplies low pressure through the umbilical to the diver’s breathing system. High pressure yokes with DIN adapters permit U.S. standard scuba cylinders or DIN valve cylinders to be used. A low pressure air supply fitting allows for a L.P. compressor to be used as the primary air source.

A complete pneumo system with dual reading gauges (both US Standard and Metric) is provided for each diver, as well as a shut-off/bleed system that uses two high-pressure feed lines which allows changing of used cylinders without interruption of the diving operation. Shut off valves allow the isolation of each diver’s air supply. The Communication Set is a multipurpose intercommunication system that provides reliable and clear communications between a topside operator (tender) and one or more surface-supported divers, diving bells, personnel transfer capsules (PTC)s, recompression chambers, or other submersible systems. The lightweight, high impact polyethylene plastic case features double wall construction and extra thick corners that ensure exceptional strength and a long work life. An O-ring seal protects hardware from moisture when the case is closed. All latches are stainless steel for maximum work life.



400-045 KMACS 5 No communications: 46 pounds
400-046 KMACS 5 w/ communications: 57 pounds

Shipping Weight:

The same

Outer Dimensions:

Length = 21 inches


17 1/2 inches

Operational Specifications & Limitations:



For SS Air diving only. Pure oxygen MUST NOT be used. Compressed air from high pressure tanks (scuba or other types of compressed air tanks), or from a compressor should be the only supply to the KMACS 5.

Recommended Maximum Dive Support Depth:

130 fsw (feet of sea water) (40 meters).

High Pressure Supply Pressure Maximum:

3500 psi (240 bars) using the DIN fitting.
3000 psi (200 bars) using the yoke.

Low Pressure Supply Pressure Maximum:

225 pounds per square inch. (15.5 bars)

Umbilical Pressure Range:

115-225 pounds per square inch. (8-15.5 bars)

Regulator Output:

40 SCFM at 2500 psi (172 bars) supply pressure with 150 psi (10.3 bars) delivery pressure.

Relief Valve:

Set at 300 psi (20.7 bars).

Pneumo fathometer Range:

0-250 FSW (feet of sea water) (0-76 meters).

Communicator: 4 wire system.

Can also be used in 2 wire mode.

Battery Type:

Rechargeable, 12 volt system.

Battery Performance:

20 hours of continuous use between charges in 4 wire mode.


Will accept external 12 volt source.

Communicator Power Output:

8 watts.

Communicator Frequency Response:

600 to 12,000 HZ.

Remote Operation Capability:

Yes, with optional unit.

Direct Recording Capability: