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Kirby Morgan® Diamond

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The Kirby Morgan Diamond is the next modular variation to the Kirby Morgan stainless steel helmet. When the Kirby Morgan Diamond is attached to their stainless steel helmet shell, the diver can operate in either a surface exhaust or ambient water exhaust diving mode. Before the diver enters the water, with a simple two-step process, they have the opportunity to switch the helmet into surface vent mode where their exhaled gas is sent to the surface and not into the surrounding water where they are working. On the surface, the exhaled gas can be sent to a reclaim system or simply secured on an open deck to vent into the atmosphere. The Kirby Morgan Diamond can be also operated in the open circuit mode for the entire dive.

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KM Diamond – 34.8 pounds

Helmet Shell:

Stainless Steel

Control Knobs:


Face Port/Lens:

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

Neck Dam:

Neoprene. Optional latex neck dam available



Head Cushion:

Nylon bag filled with #4 Polyester foam

Recommended Lubricants:

Kirby Morgan recommends Christo-Lube® or equivalent for all gas train components. Dow Corning® 111 Silicone or equivalent may be used for this helmet ONLY when noted.

Inhalation Regulator:

The Inhalation body and Pod is one complete unit with the regulator based on the Kirby Morgan 455 Balanced Regulator.

CR Standards:

This helmet meets or exceeds all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.


The minimum operating temperature recommended for this helmet is 34 °F (1 °C), without the use of the water shrouds and hot water.

Without a hot water and the shroud system, the diver may be subject to hypothermia due to cold gas inspiration temperatures.

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500-710 KM Diamond Helmet w/Posts, 500-711 KM Diamond Helmet w/MWP