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HRC Control Module


The HRC Control Van compliments the Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber on the previous page. The unit comes complete with Hyperbaric Environmental Control Unit Chiller, electrical supply and transformers. Included is a control panel complete with Gauges, analyzers, unscrambler radio, backup radio and flow-meters.

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  • Air conditioner unit
  • Environmental control system
  • Lights, sockets and transformers from 440VAC /220VAC -24VDC
  • 30’ Deck umbilical consisting of: gas, BIBS, O2 supply, pneumo, hot water and cold water hoses, comm and CCTV cables
  • Control panel fitted out with 2 x HeO² supplies, 2 x treatment gas supplies and 1 x O² supply. All depth gauges, pressure gauges, flow meters, O² & CO² analyzers, unscrambler radio, and emergency comms unit

Dimensions (approx.):

  • Length: 118”
  • Width: 94”
  • Height: 88”