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FF Super 4”

SKU: FF Super 4”

The fast flow pump, with its heavy-duty impeller blade design, will handle abuse that most other systems cannot. The unique Fast Flow pump design utilizes suction from both sides of the impeller, eliminating the thrust-load problem associated with centrifugal pumps. Ideal for barge cleaning, enviro-pumping, dewatering, light hand jetting and wash down applications, the Fast Flow can easily handle solids and oily waste. Fast Flow has USPTO patents and international PCT patents for this new technology.
USPTO Patent #: 6942448

• 4” Male cam lock discharge
• 1150 GPM Flow Rate
• 230’ Vertical head max.
• 4 – 27 GPM Hyd. Flow
• 2800 to 3000 PSI input
• 65 LBS – 17”L x 11”W x 12”H

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  • High volume flow rates
  • Double suction (patented design)
  • Self priming
  • High vertical head pressure
  • Can be run dry, without damage!
  • No mechanical seals, thrust wear plates, gaskets, gears, belts, valves, filters, switches or rubber impellers.
  • Small and powerful!