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External Chamber Conditioning System

SKU: 9000-ECS

The Model 9000-ECS is the supply source for chilled or heated water which is circulated through an internal chamber conditioning system such as the Model 9100 ICS2. When used in conjunction with one or more internal units, the system provides temperature and humidity control by cooling and dehumidifying or heating the chamber environment.

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Standard Unit Specifications

Power: 220 VAC, 60 Hz., 1 phase, 15 Amp
Cooling Capacity: 4000 BTU/hr.
Heating Capacity: 3000 Watts
Fluid Flow Rate: 3 GPM @ 5 PSIG
Fluid Media: 50% Ethylene or Propylene Glycol, 50% Water
Length: 19.5”
Width: 27.0”
Height: 30.25”
Weight With Fluid: 215 LBS
Weight Without Fluid: 175 LBS