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Double-Lock Decompression Chamber INTL

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Our Double-Lock Decompression Chamber is outfitted to meet ADCI, USCG, IMCA, USACE, and OSHA standards. All of our chambers are constructed in accordance with ASME PVHO-1 standards. This 60” DDC has had several improvements over a standard plumbed 60”DDC. It maintains the same viewport and over all height as a standard 54” DDC. The skid has been redesigned to be heavier duty while allowing for optimal loading by having multiple forklift slots. We also redesigned the plumbing using superior quality parts which allows for a safer and easier controlled environment. The door locking system has been improved from a standard door dog to a handle that doesn’t have to be removed during operation. Finally, the inner door has been offset to allow for easier entry with the installed bunk.

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3Standard Unit Specifications

2 X 30” Manways with door dogs
4 X 8” View ports
Stainless steel penetrators
Heavy duty skid with multiple forklift slots
Dual lifting eyes
Blasted and painted
Aluminum deck plates
Aluminum phone brackets
Aluminum canopy
2 X 300 FSW pneumo gauges
1 X Therapeutic pneumo gauge
2X BIBS manifold
Caisson gauge
Oxygen/carbon dioxide monitoring system
Chamber mattress with fire resistant foam and cover
Aluminum bunk
Aluminum supply lock tray
Pneumatic safety interlock
Manual safety interlock
Stainless steel inlet pressure gauge
Fire blanket
Fire extinguisher
Power supply (115 VAC)
3 X sound powered phones
2 X paging speakers
Air silencers in/out
2 X Main air inlets
2 X Oxygen inlets with gauge
Overboard dump valve (inner lock & outer lock)
Check valve
Relief valves (inner/outer locks)
Crossover valve

Weight & Dimensions

Weight and Dimensions (approx): 54”

  • Length: 150”
  • Width: 66” (Including supply lock)
  • Height: 73”
  • Approximate Weight: 6000 LBS

Weight and Dimensions (approx): 60”

  • Length: 150”
  • Width: 73” (Including supply lock)
  • Height: 73”
  • Approximate Weight: 7500 LBS


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54", 60"

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