Divers Umbilical

Our divers umbilicals are built to industry leading standards. Diving is a tough job and our hoses stand up to the demanding work. Each hose is seized at the D-Ring as well as every 10 feet for the first 50 feet and every 50 feet thereafter for half the length of the hose.

Each member of the hose is added in and taped individually. Once the members are added, the umbilical is completed with multiple wraps of high strength tape. Each umbilical is hydro tested at 600 PSI with a 200 LB axial load on the fitting. Certificates are provided.

Standard 4 part umbilical options below. Other options available. Please list any options in comment section on Request a Quote page (EXAMPLE: Add Video Cable, Hot Water Hose)

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Diving Umbilical Assembly Procedure

Diving Umbilical Testing Procedure

Umbilical Color Coding Guidance Form

Standard Unit Specifications

• Gates 33HB divers hose
• 4-Part communications wire
• 250 PSI pneumo hose
• 3/8” Safety line
• Stainless steel d-ring
• Heavy-duty tape
• Taped every 8”-10”
• ADCI color coded
• Nylon seizing
• Brass oxygen adapters
• 20’ Tails on topside end
• Tested: Pressure: 400 PSI, Pull: 200 LBS

Gates Hose Specifications

• 3/8” I.D.
• Weight: 21 LBS per 100’
• 1000 PSI working pressure
• Temperature Range: -40-200oF


• Life Star hose
• Custom configuration
• Custom lengths
• Neutrally buoyant divers air hose
• Hot water hose
• Video cable

Bay-Tech Industries, Inc’s procedure is in accordance with the following:
ADC Consensus Standards for C ommercial Diving Oper ations S ection IV-A,B & C
U.S. Coast Guard 46CFR-197.312
OSHA 29CFR-1910.430
U.S. A rmy Corps of Engineers 30.E .06