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Dive 1st Aid Advanced Diver Kit

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  • If you are an Advanced diver – be prepared!
  • Treat wounds, stings, scrapes, cuts and punctures
  • Contains products to clean, disinfect and control pain
  • Includes razor, gloves and tweezer forceps
  • Organized padded soft case

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We have taken everything you will find in the Scuba Diver Kit, increased the quantities and added new items. The additional items include eye wash, ear drops for the removal / prevention of getting water in the ear, syringe for irrigation, trauma shears, razor, vinegar, and more. These supplies help deal with marine life bites or stings, as well as most of the illnesses or injuries that may come your way.

Packed in a water resistant clam shell or a Seahorse© waterproof hard case, this kit is truly a must have for any advanced diver.