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The DESCO Air Hat was designed in 1968, and has continually evolved to meet the requirements of the commercial diving industry. Major upgrades to the design of the Air Hat over the years were made so they could be retrofitted to older helmets thus increasing their service life. The design of the Air Hat maximizes safety, durability, and reliability, while requiring simple routine maintenance and care.
The DESCO Air Hat conforms to all current regulations of the ADC Consensus Standards, and U.S. Federal Regulations administered by OSHA and the U.S. Coast Guard. The Air Hat has been awarded certification by the European Community for use in EC member countries and carries the CE # stamped on the tail.

The DESCO Air Hat is a “free flow” helmet of contemporary design, using time proven techniques and materials in its construction, similar to the heavy gear helmets of the past. Brass castings are deep soldered to a 1/16” thick spun copper shell. The Air Hat is remarkable both for its ruggedness and its simplicity of design. It can be disassembled and reassembled using only a screwdriver and wrench. It can easily be donned or removed by the diver without assistance from the tender. Using the adjustable exhaust valve the Air Hat can be adjusted to either side of neutral buoyancy underwater with ease. With its low center of gravity and excellent fore and aft balance it rest comfortably on the divers head. The interior headliner is adjustable for size and the foam pads are covered in leather for comfort.

The DESCO Air Hat is the preferred helmet for working in hazardous environments where contamination of the diver is a concern. The “free flow” or “overpressure” design allows for a constant positive pressure to be maintained in the Air Hat. The standard double exhaust incorporates two separate successive seals to restrict the possibility of leak back.

The DESCO Air Hat comes standard with a neck dam for sealing at the neck. Leading dry suit manufacturers offer a DESCO yoke to directly mate the helmet to the dress in place of the neck dam. Installation of the insert ring to the dry suit is quick and easy, and does not require tools. Sealing of the Air Hat at the neck is achieved with two independent but complementary seals which are air and watertight. The Air Hat is shipped with the neck ring insert, a size 15 neck dam (unless another size is requested at time of ordering), and an adjustable jock strap.

The DESCO Air Hat now comes equipped with a side communications cup with integrated binding posts. The new configuration moves the transceiver out of the airflow path and closer to the divers ear. The standard configuration is two wire communications through the binding posts. The Air Hat can also be fitted to use 4 wire communications (assembly #61228) from the factory or the customer can install it later in the port provided.

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