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Cygnus 1 Ex Advanced Intrinsically Safe UTG

SKU: 060-1105 / 060-1200

The Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a rugged, handheld, intrinsically safe instrument designed for taking reliable thickness measurements in Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres – making it ideal for use in fuel depots, road and vessel tankers, mines, chemical plants, oil and gas, refineries, pipelines, hazardous storage tanks and other hazardous environments. Designed for taking reliable thickness measurements in Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres and boasting advanced data logging and manual measurement mode. The Cygnus 1 Ex features a large color LCD display and 3 measuring modes for through-coat measurements and various materials – including heavily corroded metals.


This is not an underwater gauge.


Key Features:

  • Certified Intrinsically Safe to ATEXIECEx, UKEX for Zone 0 and NRTL for Class 1, Division 1
  • 3 measuring modes for levels of corrosion, various materials and through-coat measurements
  • Manual Measurement Mode allows gates and gain to be configured to suit your application
  • Live A-Scans aid visual measurement verification
  • Live B-scans give a quick, cross-sectional representation
  • 4 function keys for easy controls and dynamic views
  • Deep Coat function ignores thick coatings
  • User Access feature protects records with correct user access levels
  • Measurement setup can be saved and restored for a quick start
  • Measurement Freeze function and Ref/Min/Max thickness limits
  • A solid-state electronic instrument with a rugged IP67 rated enclosure
  • Available as SC, TC, PLUS and PRO variants with options of upgradeable features (download the Cygnus 1 Ex Variants Comparison Guide).