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Buddy Phone Through-Water Transceivers (Guardian/Spectrum)

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The Buddy Phone® D2 is a digital, micro-miniature, ultrasonic transceiver allowing communication between two or more scuba divers and / or surface stations. This Buddy Phone comes in with a 1 or 2 channel transceiver. The Buddy Phone is used mostly in recreational diving since the transmit output power is 0.5 watts. If you are looking for a stronger output power for a clearer and louder sound, see the Magnacom MAG-1003D 2-Ch. 70W Transceiver.

Buddy Phone Users Guide


Nominal Range 50 to 500 meters depending on sea conditions & noise levels.
Transmission Type Ultrasound using upper single sideband (USB)
Transmit Output Power 0.5 watts PEP
Standard Frequency (PEP) Recall & tone: Freq. A (Channel 1): 32.768 kHz USB
Freq. B (Channel 4): 31.250 kHz
Audio Bandwidth 300 to 3,000 Hz
Automatic Gain Control Greater than 80 dB
Earphone Ceramic
Microphone High Quality Microphone
Transducer Ceramic cylinder
Battery Type: Alkaline 9V. Batteries not included
Maximum Operating Depth 130 feet in sea water (fsw)
Weight in Air 8.1 oz