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Broco® 22-PLUS Underwater Cutting Torch


Broco® Inc., the world leader in underwater cutting and welding systems, introduces the next generation BR-22 PLUS Cutting Torch (patent pending). This new torch features 21 design improvements, including the removal of all rubber from direct oxygen pathway, a PTFE lined fiberglass reinforced coupler hose, improved flash arrestor with higher oxygen flow rate and better flash back protection, non-return valve to prevent back flow, and improved collet and collet washer design.

Broco®‘s Engineering Technology Group dedicated 2 years to the design and development of the new torch with diver safety as its priority. As with the original BR-22, it is also ergonomically designed for diver comfort, and is made with quality materials to deliver years of trouble free performance at low cost. All Broco® rods and electrodes used with the BR-22 also can be use with the new BR-22 PLUS.

Broco®‘s new BR-22 PLUS is the most exciting and innovative development in underwater cutting in more than 30 years.

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