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Bay-Tech Industries High/Low 2 Diver Air Control Box

Bay-Tech Industries’ high/low 2 diver air control box is built to last. Our Air Control Console was purpose built for quick setup and breakdown and as a compact air control unit for maximizing space. This specific set up allows you to dive off a low-pressure compressor as well as scuba bottles or a cascade system.

The system is sold with (2) 7′ high pressure whips with scuba yokes on one end and a stainless-steel male quick disconnect for connection to the manifold. 


• Brass manifold
• 3 X air inlets, (1) #10 JIC adapters and (2) Stainless Steel HP Quick Disconnects
• 2 X air outlets, oxygen adapters
• 2 X 7′ high pressure whips with a scuba yoke on one end and a male QD on the other
• Brass check valves and relief valve
• 2 X 6”, 0-300 FSW depth gauges
• Emergency shut off valve
• Stainless steel pressure gauges
• Durable plastic case


Weight & Dimensions (approx.):

• Weight: 50 LBS
• Length: 21.5”
• Width: 14.5”
• Height: 9”