Bauer HP Compressor Dive Mate

Dive Mate takes breathing air compressors to a whole new level. Complete with air purification, Dive Mate is a safe and reliable three or four stage breathing air compressor designed to give you lightweight portability. It is available with electric, gasoline, or diesel engines to suit your needs.

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Standard Features

  • Electric motor (1 or 3 phase), gasoline engine, or diesel engine (DMT 08) (depending on choice of compressor)
  • Inlet filter
  • Stainless steel intercooler/aftercooler
  • High temp switch (except for d drive)
  • Vibration isolators
  • P0 purification (dmt06 model only)
  • P31 purification (all except dmt06)
  • Low oil pressure switch

Optional Features

  • Inter-stage gauges
  • Purification upgrade to P41
  • Automatic condensate drain (electric driven and electric start models)
  • Pressure switch (G drive)
  • Electric start (DMT08-G/D, DMT10-G)
  • Hour meter
  • CO monitor
  • 50 Hz electrical system
  • Impact frame