Bauer Air Storage Systems

Bauer Air Storage Systems meet the code requirements of either the Department of Transportation or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Storage systems are available with 5000 PSI and 6000 PSI DOT cylinders or 5250/7000 PSI dual rated ASME cylinders. Optional mounting racks are available.

Bauer also offers several fill panels for these units. See below for full list.

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Fill Panels:
BFP – Basic fill panel designed for conversion to a cascade panel. Suitable for wall mounting or for attachment to DOT or ASME storage cylinders. Includes an adjustable regulator, inlet/outlet gauges, relief valve, fill control valves and inlet port for storage refill. Available with two and four fill whips.

BFP/CSCD – The designation for Cascade fill includes a shut-off valve and gauge for up to four banks of storage. This feature can be factory installed or easily added by the user later.