Arcair® Sea Torch Combination Torch

Sea Torch With 5/16” (7.9mm) Cutting Collet

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BayTech_Page_023_Image_0004One Piece Body Construction

  • Fully insulated electrically for safety in normal operation
  • Prohibits oxygen leakage in the torch body
  • Bright orange for high visibility to the diver

Combination Torch

  • Torch can be used for oxygen-arc cutting
  • Underwater welding

Tapered Collet Body

  • Brings the bare surface of an electrode into contact for the entire length of the collet
  • Solid grip and increased contact area decreases the risk of arcing between the collet and electrode


Equipped with a Spark Arrestor

  • Spark arrestor located behind the collet for safe operation
  • Ball check valve in the torch handle provides additional protection

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