Aqua Environment Regulators

The 873 series regulator is a piston-type hand loaded regulator. It utilizes a balanced poppet design for high flow and minimum effect of inlet pressure on outlet pressure. The poppet assembly is contained in a cartridge with internal filtration permitting very easy in-field servicing. The low cost poppet cartridge is factory pre-assembled. It contains the more critical valve elements of the regulator thus eliminating in-field servicing problems. The regulator is self-venting but is optionally available without the vent. This regulator design was developed for gas mixtures for commercial diving where high flow, very precise pressure control and high reliability are needed. They have served this application for many years. It is available with different size sensing pistons resulting in a complete range of outlet pressures. A highly sensitive dome loaded version rated to 6000 PSI is also available.

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Model 873 Specifications

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 6000 PSI
Outlet Pressures:
• 873-150: 150 PSI
• 873-400: 400 PSI
• 873-1500: 1500 PSI
• 873-5000: 5000 PSI
• 873-D: 6000 PSI

Flow Coefficient (Cv): 0.8 (0.23” orifice)
Rise of Outlet Pressure with drop of inlet
pressure: 1 PSI per 1000 PSI (Model 873-150)
Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Fittings: 1/2” NPT Outlet Port
1/4” NPT Inlet and Gauge Ports
Size: 3” Dia x 5” Long


• Operation of high flow, low pressure equipment such as sirens from high pressure air tanks.
• Component testing
• Air tank fill stations
• Fire fighting air systems
• Instrumentation and calibration panels
• Process industry control
• Shipboard and offshore air and gas control
• Aircraft service equipment
• Electronic industry rare gas flow
• Vehicle cng stations
• Precision gas mixing equipment