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Amron 350M BIBS MASK

SKU: 350M-01

Amron’s 350M BIBS mask is the perfect combination of performance, durability and comfort. It has been specifically designed to meet the rigorous NORSOK U-101 breathing standards and has been successfully performance tested by NUI and validated by DNV. Unlike other BIBS on the market today, Amron’s 350M is built to withstand the extreme conditions found in a saturation diving environment.

The Amron 350M BIBS demand regulator is fully adjustable to allow for easy breathing from surface decompression all the way down to 350 meters pressurized depth. Diver’s comfort was a major consideration so it comes with a comfortable oral nasal and a supportive head strap.


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  • Third party tested and certified by NUI to NORSOK U-101:1999 and verified by DNV
  • Easy breathing (light inhalation and exhalation resistance, resulting in low work of breathing)
  • Rugged regulator housing with stainless steel valve assemblies
  • Tool-less removal of demand and exhaust valve assemblies for ease of maintenance and service
  • Pneumatically balanced demand regulator with fine tune adjustment
  • Pneumatically balanced exhaust regulator with overboard dump, permits minimum ventilation of the chamber
  • Vacuum relief valve included
  • Gas router and CO2 purge mechanism attached to the valves
  • Ultrafit, high comfort silicone oral nasal, designed to fit most faces and accommodate a microphone
  • Full head harness for added comfort during long administration
  • For use with Air, Oxygen and Heliox

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