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Air Analysis Test Stand


The Model AATS-8014 Air Analysis Test Stand is an all-in-one air analysis/verification station. The unit’s capabilities are: air quality testing, relief valve (pop-off verification), and pressure gauge accuracy verification for testing. The stand is made of  aluminum which is powder-coated for durability. The stand is equipped with a 8014 compressed breathing air analysis regulator, flow meter, tube connector, 2.5” stainless steel 0-600 PSI verification gauge and a 6’ test whip. The unit is light weight and can be disassembled for transporting.


Unit Specifications

  • 8014 Compressed breathing air analysis regulator
  • 0-600 PSI comparison gauge
  • 6′ Test whip

Weight & Dimensions (Approximate)

  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Length: 28″
  • Width: 28″
  • Height: 65″

Replacement Tubes & Parts


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