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Amron 2460-28 Standard Operator Headset with Boom Mic and Dual Banana Plugs

SKU: 2460-28

The Amron International Model 2460-28 is dual-sided medium-weight headset with Dual Banana Plugs and coiled cord that extends up to 6 feet. The 2460-28 headset is designed for extended comfortable “full ear-cup” and features a unique heptagonal design that covers the ear naturally and completely. The ear cushions are not only wide and soft, but slightly thicker to the bottom and rear. Together these “ergo-formed” shapes are the reason why the 2460-28 headset simply fits better!

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  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Cushioned adjustable headband
  • Ergo-formed ear cushions for extended use
  • Coiled cord that extends up to 6 feet overall length
  • Dual Banana Plugs
  • Custom length straight cords available
  • Optional replacement ear cushions & ear cushion sock covers available