SCUBA Replacement Rack

Our ADCI and IMCA compliant SCUBA Replacement Rack is designed to use in place of SCUBA gear. Our rack consists of three 3000 cu ft cylinders rated to 2400 PSI which are connected to two separate manifolds to create a main and standby air source. Both air sources are controlled by Tescom regulators mounted into a convenient control panel. All plumbing is stainless braided high pressure hose including output whips. Cylinders are color coded and labeled according to their contents. The cylinders are can be filled without removal, and are mounted in an engineered powder coated steel skid.

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Standard Unit Specifications

  • Engineered skid
  • Dual lifting pad eyes
  • (3) 300 cu ft cylinders
  • Stainless braided hoses
  • (2) Tescom regulators
  • Separate fill points
  • Color coded and labeled cylinders
  • Approximate weight and dimensions 1000 LBS – 73″ L x 31″ H x 34″ W