Viperfish Nitro

Designed for top-side applications, the Viperfish Nitro is a high performance shock and vibration proof digital recorder that converts analog video to digital format. It records high resolution video (720×486), full speed 30 frames per second. The high performance digital platform, Optophore 1 combines a 1GHz processor board with wavelet compression. Wavelet compression searches the entire field or each frame at once resulting in no blocking of artifacts. The result is clear, crisp, non-jerky and non-multiplexed video.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • High resolution (720×486)
  • Full speed 30 frames per second
  • Single channel
  • Clear, non-jerky, non-multiplexed video
  • Scalable to 640×480
  • Record and view simultaneously
  • Remote record trigger
  • Alarm verification
  • LCD menu for grouping and downloading Video
  • Shock and vibration tested
  • Embedded linux operating system
  • 120 GB removable hard drive
  • Internal GPS with antenna

Reliability and Clarity

The new Optophore 1 digital platform combines Linux real time operating system with a wavelet compression resulting in clear non-fuzzy video. That’s because unlike other compression schemes Wavelet performs a detailed mathematical analysis of the entire field or each frame at once – unlike MPEG which only records the changes in each field. The performance comparison between Wavelet and MPEG compression is most noticeable when there is motion detected – which is over 98% of the time in all applications.

Features such as adjustable frame rate and adjustable picture quality allow you to choose the quality of the image you wish to record. You can record and view video simultaneously. Overlay audio on disk to record important thoughts you have at critical times during your project. The Alarm Verification feature allows you to mark on all disk important incidents. All alarms can be grouped quickly and easily through the LCD menu. You can group video by alarms, clip to clip, date and time or manual fast forward or rewind. The text overlay feature allows you to overlay up to 20 characters which are viewed on screen during recording and playback – ideal for job management.

Downloading and Viewing Video

The Viperfish Nitro gives you several options to view recorded video. The hard drive trade named COMRAD is a combination reader and hard drive. COMRAD can be removed and connected to a desktop PC for viewing or emailing video clips. The Viperfish viewer makes viewing the videos easy. If you prefer to download video from Viperfish Land to a separate hard drive, it can be done fast through the USB 2.0 port. On the job you can connect a laptop or analog TV directly to a Viperfish Land for viewing high resolution video while you record.


  • Built in LCD Screen for Easy:
  • Programming
  • Video Playback
  • Video Search, Group and Download
  • Recording
  • Preview
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time Adjustment
  • On Screen Characters (up to 20 for reference)
  • Adjustable Recording Quality: Low, Med, High
  • Adjustable Framerate 5-30 FPS
  • Internal Voltage Regulation
  • Software Upgrades via Internet
  • Single Channel
  • Internal GPS Receiver

Operating Characteristics

Audio Video
Video Signal System: NTSC or PAL
Video Input: 1 Video Input
Video Input Signal: 1.0Vp-p 75 Ohms
Video Output: 1 Video Monitor
Video Output Signal: 1.0Vp-p 75 Ohms
Audio Input: 1 Audio Input
Audio Output: 1 Audio Output

Compression: Wavelet-Adjustable
Recording Frame Rate: 1-30 FPS NTSC
Recording Mode: Continuous alarm and schedule
Recording Quality: Low, Med, High
Avg. Rec. Image Size: 10kb/sec @ 30fps

Playback Frame Rate: 30 FPS (NTSC)
Playback Speed: Slow Motion, Variable Speed
Search Mode: Alarm, clip to clip, date/time, FF/REW

Alarm Input: 8 inputs
Alarm Output: 2 outputs

Hard Disk: 120 GB

Internal Voltage Regulation
Operating Range: 8-25v
Output: 12v
Maximum load: 3 amps
Battery Jump: Will accept double jump max 35v
Filter Range: Filters up to 500v spikes
Fuses: Double end design

USB 2.0: Low quality- 800kbps, Med. quality – 1600kbps, High Quality – 2200kbps

Network: 10/100mbps (RJ45) or USB 2.0
Online Management: Gatekeeper Viewer
Software Upgrades: Internet auto-download

Display sizes: 720×640 NTSC

Input/Output and other Specs

Video Input: BNC
Video Output: BNC
Alarm In/Output: BNC
Audio Input: BNC
Audio Output: BNC
Ethernet: RJ45

Length: 10-1/4”
Width: 7”
Height: 3.25”
Weight: 4.5LBS